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The Association of French teachers of KwaZulu-Natal is a professional group comprising teachers of French in both private and public schools, at the Alliance Française and private tutors.  It has been in existence for over 30 years. We work with the Department of Basic Education and the IEB (Independent Examinations Board), particularly in the preparation of students for the Grade 12 exit exam (the National Senior Certificate). We enjoy the support of AFSSA (the Association for French Studies in Southern Africa) and the SCAC (Language and Culture Service) of the Embassy of France in SA and also enjoy a fruitful relationship with the Alliance Française in both Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Meetings are held at least once per term for the purposes of planning, moderating/standardisation, sharing of resources and mutual encouragement.  Inter-school activities are organized for students of each grade (8 – 12).

The Association has developed an international partnership with the Académie de Nantes (France). This joint venture currently comprises 10 local schools and 10 French schools. Participating institutions in KZN regularly exchange correspondence, host students and visiting teachers and work together on educational projects. The Covid-19 pandemic has put a hold on  in-person visits but the relationships remain strong.